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Happy Wheels Demo

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Welcome to the website where you can play the latest demo version of the popular racing game - Happy Wheels Demo. Even though that the full version of the game is only available at the official website, demo has a lot of maps and almost all characters, so you will have a lot of fun. In fact, the only difference between full version of happy wheels and demo is that in demo you can't play user-submitted tracks. So, you are going to play the best game of the decade, do you want to read some information about it before ?

Happy Wheels is a racing game with elements of blood and violence. Today, Happy Wheels is popular all over the world and millions of people enjoy it every day. This funny game has a lot of options to engage player for long time. For example, aside from the original game, user can create his custom maps and upload them on the official server of the game, or he can even download maps created by other users and play them. The main mission of the player in Happy Wheels Unblocked is to reach the finish. At the beginning of the game, the player has to choose his character. The variety of characters is really big and the most interesting thing is that all of them have different vehicles with different power. You will even find the helicopter guy among the characters.

Another feature that Happy Wheels Demo offers to you is a unique Level Editor tool. Even though that it is a big difficult to use it, a little practice and you will be able to create your own levels and play them. That's really funny because the number of maps in the demo version is limited. I am sure you will have a lot of fun with the Happy Wheels Demo at Happy-Wheels-Demo.com