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Earn To Die 2 Exodus

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You may have already played any chapter of this game before but this one is absolutely a different version of the game with even more upgrades and even stronger zombies. It is an extension of the game, made by the fans, where you can enjoy the new graphics, new gameplay and new vehicles. In Earn To Die 2 Exodus game, your main mission is to earn some money by smashing zombies using your car and spend those money to build some upgrades and purchase weapons for your vehicle. The main mission of the player is to reach the safe spot but it is not so easy. Your fuel task is very small at the beginning of the game, your car don't have any weapons against zombies, so you will definitely be killed on the road. Every time you make a try, you receive money. I recommend you to upgrade the fuel tank and engine initially, then wheels and turbo. I hope that you will enjoy playing Earn To Die 2 Exodus at our website.